Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning Repair on the Gold Coast

Stay cool and relaxed during the hot summer months and drive safely during the cooler months with properly working car Air Conditioning. Your car Air Conditioning will defog the inside windows of the car within seconds to ensure clear vision whilst driving.

Control the inside temperature of your car to suit you and your passengers. Mums and dads can drive stress free knowing the kids are not restless and no annoying traffic noise from keeping the windows open whilst driving.

We carry out all minor and major Air Conditioning repairs from a simple performance inspection to a complete system supply and fit.

Our trained technicians are experts in car Air Conditioning and can advise how to look after your vehicles system to maximize performance and longevity.

This may be achieved by simply performing an annual service of the system, replacement of one or more components, or simply the way you set your controls.

We always thoroughly check to make sure the electrical circuits are working properly e.g. cooling fans, as this may also distort the inside temperature of the vehicle.

Our workshop is equipped with specialized tools and equipment for carrying out car Air Conditioning maintenance. We use specific safety procedures whilst making repairs to maximize efficiency and safety to our precious environment.

Air Conditioning Gold Coast

All modern vehicles use the ozone friendly refrigerant R134A. We too, will only use R134A. Over the years, many inferior alternative gasses had been introduced and removed from the automotive industry. Their poor quality would ‘stress’ car Air Conditioning systems and the vehicle owners! Using any inferior ‘cocktail’ gasses at Caruana Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning had never been nor will ever be a consideration. We only want what is best for our valued clients and their vehicles.

Having your car Air Conditioning system checked properly by the professionals at Caruana Auto Electrical is our best advice. Whether it be during summer, winter or even as a pre vehicle purchase inspection, we are always here to help. The famous old saying “no worries mate, it just needs a top up” is almost 100 % untrue and illegal. If it was that easy, the seller would have arranged ‘topping up’ prior to sale. Don’t get caught out if you think topping up will give you properly working Air Conditioning again. It normally results in unnecessary costs, wasting your valuable time and most importantly, harm to our precious environment.

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