Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention

Stop Rust Now!

Do you want the best protection for your vehicle?
Caruana Auto Electrical can help you get the most out of your car.

Our couplertec electronic rust proofing system will ensure that your car remains RUST FREE!

This brilliant device will ensure that your car:

  • A higher resale price. A properly cared for car with no rust will achieve a far higher resale or lease-end value than a well cared car that exhibits signs of rust.
  • Helps stop paint oxidizing. Keeps vehicle paint looking like new.
  • When correctly fitted, couplertec will stop existing corrosion.
  • A better looking car. Rust is unsightly.
  • A safer car. Structural components can and will fail due to excessive rusting.
  • Keep your car longer. A car with rust will not last as long as a rust free car.
  • Not even annoying scratches or stone chips will rust!!

Please call the team at Caruana Auto Electrical for all your enquiries about this remarkable product. Your couplertec unit is transferable from car to car should you choose to update your vehicle after a couple of years.

Literally tens of thousands of vehicles owned by the largest companies around Australia and the world have this very same product fitted.

Couplertec is no gimmick, it works!

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